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Coupled with a distinct vision that incorporates simplicity, balance and restraint, Alexandra Malkin Design (AMD) applies the fundamentals of Australian sophistication with European elegance to her garden designs. Whether for your inner city home or beach house retreat, AMD creates an outdoor space that is a harmonious extension of the home.

AMD will immerse themselves in your project from the initial meeting to your garden's completion, providing you with complete project management.

The Garden Design Process

"We aim to get it right the first time. Taking the time to listen and encourage our clients' input is so important; it is after all, their garden... That is why our designs are so unique and successful".

Initial meeting

AMD will meet you at your home to compile a design brief and become familiar with your garden space and lifestyle. A design brief entails discussing your requirements, your wish list, your gardening involvement (enthusiasm for gardening) and design ideas that suit your lifestyle - right down to the needs of your pets if need be. AMD will then submit a fee proposal for your design.

Garden Concept

On your acceptance of the proposal, we will conduct an analysis of the soil, existing vegetation, structures, and views as well as measure up the garden. Where required AMD will use the original architectural plan or land survey, and enlist a land surveyor to ensure accuracy. With measurements in hand, AMD will draft a scaled plan of the area and then present you with a concept plan, which will be used to explain their design ideas for your garden. 

Planting plan

Once the concept plan is finalised, AMD will complete a planting and lighting plan. All planning works will be completed in accordance with council guidelines, as well as any other rules and regulations that may affect the design work. Working in conjunction with some of Australia's most well renowned growers and suppliers, AMD has access to the highest quality stock and products available. Once you are happy with the overall design, the completed plan is sent out to contractors to tender.

Tendering / Garden Construction

Over the years, AMD has worked closely with Melbourne's finest licensed landscape contractors; this experience allows AMD to select those that are best suited to your project, to provide construction quotations. Working alongside your preferred landscape team, AMD will oversee the landscape construction ensuring the integrity of the design is maintained throughout.

Garden management and maintenance

On completion of your garden and based on your gardening beliefs and requirements, AMD can introduce you to their qualified maintenance gardeners who can care for your garden and implement water management solutions for garden longevity. Alternatively, AMD can give you tips on the best and most effective methods to care for your garden.

Council / water restrictions

AMD will investigate the council requirements in your area before beginning your garden design. With water restrictions now a part of our everyday life, AMD keeps in mind various planting techniques to maximise water usage; utilise drought tolerant plants, incorporate water tanks and implement landscape designs that flourish in the Australian climate.

For more water saving ideas, please click on Saving Water.

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